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Rincon de la Vieja translates to “Corner of the Old Woman” in reference a local legend of a princess whose lover was thrown into the volcano when her father learned of their affair.

According to legend, she went on living on the side of the volcano where she gave birth to a son, who she eventually threw into the volcano to be with his father.

For the remainder of her life, the princess went on living near the crater where she acquired healing powers. From then on, her home earned the name “Rincon de la Vieja.”

Las Pailas Circular Trail (Boiling Mud Pots Trail)

This 2-mile loop will bring you to a variety of viewpoints, past boiling mud pots, fumaroles, a volcancito (small volcano) and beautiful views of the volcano.

At certain times of year (green season), you may even see a small seasonal waterfall. This is an easy trail that can be done within the hour.

Sitting in the dry northwest corner of Costa Rica in the Guanacaste province, Rincon de la Vieja National Park volcano has a wealth of natural wonders including, to see boiling mud pots, hot springs, even waterfalls at the Rain season and enjoy doing Tubing river.

The 34,000 acres of Rincon de la Vieja National Park are characterized by dry forest with straw-colored rolling hills and sprouting shrubs of yellow and orange flowers.

The park is home to some wildly unique creatures including 300 different species of birds, the white-nose coati, agouti, and the nine-banded armadillo.

Bring hiking shoes/tennis shoes with traction, sunblock, mosquito repellent, hat, comfortable clothes (that can get wet), and a change of clothes.

Rincon de la vieja combo Tour
Rincon de la vieja combo Tour-Tubing river

Tubing River Tour

This is an activity that takes place on the Colorado River. The journey is 2 1⁄2 km long and visitors will float comfortably in an inner tube supervised by expert guides that will take care of them for the whole trip, through the rapids and the still waters.

What to Bring: Shorts or bathing suit, waterproof shoes and a t-shirt. It is not recommendable to bring things that can fall out of your pockets.

Maximum adult weight allowance – 250 pounds

In adition to ATV Tour, you can enjoy the canopy in the dry rainforest, horseback riding on the beach, Sport fishing flamingo beach . Visiting folk town or a clear water beach is another option for those who love relaxing on a pristine beach with blue water. Maybe have a snorkelling or sunset in a sailing tour.

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